What We Do

What We Do


The role of education in community development is crucial.

Not only is education important in reducing poverty, it is also a key to wealth creation.For these reasons, GCNTB continues to support educational advancement by providing a small, but meaningful incentive to those excelling through high school, college, graduate school and professional studies. In 2014, eleven graduates were recognized and benefited from this program.



Supporting emergency medical services

In 2014, support was provided to the Guyana Development Mission International to send refurbished ambulances to Guyana for the purpose of critical emergency medical services.

Medical supplies

In 2013, a quantity of medical supplies was donated to the New Amsterdam hospital via the Ministry of Health. The supplies included gloves, body bags, bed linens and toys for the pediatric ward.

School supplies

GCNTB has identified specific schools in Guyana and sent school supplies to serve in excess of 200 students. Primary schools in Bartica and Pomeroon have benefited from these missions.

Support for Joshua House

The Joshua House Children’s Center provides for the daily needs children including education, food, shelter, clothing, medical and other necessities. GCNTB was happy to provide bedding to help support this important institution in Guyana.

Cultural Development 

We celebrate cultural diversity

Guyana has a rich cultural diversity. Six major cultural groups have made this beautiful South American country their home. Once each year, we get to celebrate Guyanese culture at the Taste of Guyana event. The Taste of Guyana continues to be a major cultural highpoint for GCNTB. The event attracts people from all across the Floridian community, Guyanese from back home, our Caribbean family, and, though in smaller attendance, even visitors from across the world. This event holds a very special place among our programs. Each year, as part of the Taste of Guyana, we produce a cultural skit. A survey of members indicated that the cultural skit was ranked among the top highlights of the event.